Answers, but Taunting

Well I asked for answers
and I guess I got them in this dream,
strewn in succession from you to me,
however not in cohesion.
None of the words made sense
and I couldn’t comprehend your meaning.
I wondered if you’d somehow gone crazy,

for a moment, anyway.

Yet the last line I heard loud and clear.
It was a statement of validation,
loyalty held to a promise
for a faithful declaration
made so long ago.

Thank you, my Love.

And in the next scene:
I am sitting stiff, strapped in a chair
in the center of a helicopter pad
where I was visiting you above.
Yet this scene isn’t peaceful.
It’s taunting & fearful – menacing, even.

Helicopter’s circling me as I sit still.
Holding myself firm, not just in position
but in thought,
and in seeming astral projection
as well.

Circling and taunting,

straight at me at times, shooting
straight above or below me, to barely miss me.
Yet still and firm I held, refusing to budge,
refusing to run and hide
despite my fear.

I was strong and firm in body,
strong and silent in mind.

At this point I realize
I’m not just dreaming,
i’m having an experience that is real.
It’s answering my questions;
It’s showing me things I’ve wanted to know.

And so I hold tightly to my chair
fighting to keep my astral there.
I hold tight with all my might
expecting to continue this perilous fight
in hopes of receiving even more answers.
More moments of connection
with you.

Until my consciousness
takes the reigns
and declares something else more supreme;
at least for the time being.
Sleep, it seems, has won the fight.

Until I can once again regain
the consciousness and astral reigns
of this being known as me.

This sleeping being inside of me
that holds the answers to my heart
inside my dreams;
please come into my daily world
and shed a light for me there, as well
illuminating allies of my soul
that only you, my heart can know.


This poem was an actual dream I had (during sleep) that I journaled into poetry form.

Copyright © 2006 Brenda Barnhart