Late Departure

Word Challenge: write something using ten of these words (I used all fifteen): plane, departure gate, rush, luggage, rain, ticket, traffic, seat, child, book, coffee, regret, home, smile, achievement:

life is a rush, so much hustle and fuss
luggage (or baggage) getting heavier with age
but rain washes clean all the impurities of time
my one ticket item – the love of my life
life is like a traffic jam, with toe jam,
and sometimes toast jam
I remember the seat of my pants
tore on a fence
oh child of laughter, where have I gone?
a book of engagement
sits on my coffee table
collecting cup rings
but no regrets, for I am home
if I can be late for the departure gate
and miss my plane to the other side,
I’ll smile at the one achievement
That feels like sweet justice


~ Brenda Barnhart ~

Copyright © 2008 Brenda Barnhart