Walking Through Illusion

Word Challenge:  To write a “spine poem” using a favorite book, movie or song title that’s at least 4 words long. I chose the book title, “Walking Between the Worlds, the Science of Compassion” (by Gregg Braden):

WALKING towards the end of day
BETWEEN the light and starlit ways
THE shadows of dusk revealing things
WORLDS of light and dark become one
THE nightly creatures roaming free
SCIENCE reveals a thing or two
OF secrets kept from me and you
COMPASSION, it seems, is the song unsung


~ Brenda Barnhart ~

A “spine poem” is an acrostic with a spine phrase. A spine phrase is where you use the title of a book, movie, song, etc. and write the title vertically, one word per line, and each word is used as the first word to each line of the poem. The lines don’t need to coincide with the topic of the title but they can.

An acrostic poem is the same but instead of a phrase down, it’s one word, and instead of starting each line with a word, it starts with a letter. Example of Acrostic using HOT DOG (my very lame example, but it gets the point across, yes?):

Hot & delicious
Oh, long & juicy beef
To which I’m about to eat

Donned with mustard, relish too
Oh, long and juicy beef
Good enough to eat

Copyright © 2007 Brenda Barnhart