When you pass him by
do you look him in the eye
or do you look the other way
saving your compassion
for another day
or another soul

Societies bride and groom
surmise, they are lost
without identity
presumed without innocence
or intelligence
or grace

But the look on his face
shows a life of strife
a life that could not,
that would not be lived
by you, or maybe even me
because we can’t. We simply can’t.
So why could he? How could she?

He was someones child
he was someones life
she was someones mother
sister or wife
somebody loved them
someone still does

If not a soul on earth
then the angels up above
save a special place for them
with a fire & some food, and a bed
and most importantly
some God to love them


Copyright © 2006 Brenda Barnhart