Ode to the Poetess

With pen to paper
her thoughts come pouring
sifting through her heart

She’s painting a snapshot
of her soul, a timeless window
to a moment unknown before

The words come falling
gently down
landing sacredly
in their place
forever dancing
singing her song
of a moment in time

She shares her words
in hopes to inspire
those that inquire
as to who this maiden truly is

She’s a woman of words
And she paints her story
moment by moment

timeless windows
to her timeless masterpiece


This was written for an online writing group in honor of International Poetry Day. We were prompted to write an Ode about women and/or words/poetry. An “Ode” is a poem written in honor of someone or something – glorifying or praising.

Copyright © 2007 Brenda Barnhart