How I Really Feel About You

I love you more than my eyes can see
deeper than the deepest seas
I love you farther than the farthest star
reaching beyond the veils
of time and space

if I said it each and every day
(and I will, if given the chance)
it still won’t be enough to convey
the truth that my heart holds
in one breath’s glance
that lives inside my inner world
stirs my inner dance
inviting loves trance
daily, this is me
how I get by without you
is a mystery

for if the truth really be told
all beautiful love stories in the world
would cease, because none could dare
hold a flame, to the one that I hold for you
each and every day

this flame in my heart
that never dies
is lit for only you

it is your beacon
my Love

calling you home


Copyright © 2006 Brenda Barnhart