Life’s Harmony

I love to dance in the rain
with the wind moving through my hair
like a kite with no care

But it isn’t too often that rainy days meet joyful moods
on the same day

Life isn’t like two people colliding on a corner
One with a chocolate bar and the other a jar of peanut butter

Who walks around with a jar of peanut butter, anyway?

Life is more like a delectable cookie next to an empty coffeepot.

It is a world who’s color is a passionate purple
With the mellow contrast of a golden sunset
Sipped like a fine wine in the ghettos of suburbia

It’s not a perfect blend of seasonings.
It is, however, a perfect blend of experience.


This was written for a poetry challenge to write a 12-line poem using all the following words: kite, wind, rain, coffeepot, purple, mellow, dance, cookie.

Copyright © 2006 Brenda Barnhart