Memories of Butter

Although your time has come
my special friend,
my love for you will never end

All the little things
come flooding to my mind
now that you’re gone

The way you always watched me
intently, for hours
with a look of love
so pure and sweet
I always wondered
what you saw in me

The way you’d come running
anytime I hurt myself,
or made any noise
that signaled pain of any kind
big mama kitty to my rescue,
that was you

And then there’s your mousies
all over the house
You were up to something for sure,
but I never knew what
so I dared not disturb them.
Your mousies can still be found around the house
for I dare not disturb them especially now

But now I find myself smelling
the one you loved the most,
the white one with no hair left
for it holds the scent
of your precious cheeks
I loved to kiss

Oh yes, there was the way
you blew me kisses
and purred in my ear
as you nuggled in my hair
every night

Every night
For sixteen years



Copyright © 2007 Brenda Barnhart