Moonbeam Kisses

Beneath the moon and starlit sky
my heart cries out for you
Why have you left me?
Where have you gone?

A shooting star streams the sky
for a moment rekindling
the magic of you and I
My heart expands

I long to cry
but I can’t

I am stuck in this moment
of timeless suspension
longing for your attention
or even just a ration
of consideration

I so want to scream!
but I can’t

I can almost feel your kiss
upon my lips
and the tender strength
of your embrace

A smile now blossoms on my face
A new joy overtakes me
and the tears
now gone without a trace

The moonbeams danced across the field
and in that moment, I realized

I will love you forever….


This was written for a poetry challenge contest to write a poem (20 line limit) in which you use the following line, and the line can NOT be the first or last line of the poem:
“The moonbeams danced across the field”

Copyright © 2005 Brenda Barnhart