Dear Diary

Word Challenge: Write a “Dear Diary” entry (any format) using these 10 (exact) words: flower, waiting, iridescent, gray, grain, ponder, trickle, alabaster, autumn & light:

Dear Diary,

I sat in the rain today, watching the gray skies, waiting for my love to arrive. I saw a lone flower erecting from a crack in the concrete creating a stark and beautiful contrast, appearing as a gift for my soul, like a precious ointment delivered in an alabaster box of the finest grain. I felt so connected to all that is in this timeless moment, as a trickle of salt-laden essence of myself streamed my cheek. I felt as if my soul was exposed to the world, as if I became, in one instant, the iridescent light of autumn. Being able to ponder this feeling of infinite existence is the true gift. The flower was just the muse.


~ Brenda Barnhart ~

Copyright © 2006 Brenda Barnhart