Friday the 13th

Word Challenge: Write a Dear Diary entry (as entry or poetry form) about Friday the 13th, using all ten of these words: rhapsody, midnight, trepidation, suspended, quest, superstition, time, reflection, absence, infinite:

Dearest Diary, my friendly ear, this entry is one you’ve got to hear. For freed I am, and forever will be, from trepidation and superstition about Friday the 13th.

It happened at midnight on this fateful date. What began as a quest to entertain my fright turned into a time of infinite reflection.

For a moment I lingered, suspended in the rhapsody of my discovery. My heart, dear diary, has been living in the absence of love.

So now, I begin a new journey – to find the love that’s meant for me. And it started at midnight on Friday the 13th.


~ Brenda Barnhart ~

Copyright © 2007 Brenda Barnhart